Is this a chemical pregnancy?!

Sandra • 🖤 Married 10/8/17 💜 Baby #1 due 10/8/18 🖤

So I ovulated 11/25...tracked BBT, CM, and used OPK’s. I was having some symptoms so I took some tests:

10dpo: BFN

11dpo: Very very VERY Faint Line.

12dpo: slightly darker but still vvfl.

13dpo: AF due today, vvfl.

14dpo: still no AF, vvvfl.

15dpo: light spotting, line getting lighter.

16dpo: no line...and AF came mid morning 😢. Today would have been 4 weeks.

Do you agree that this is a chemical pregnancy? I’m 33, I’ve been off the Nuva Ring for 5 months, and only been TTC for 2 months...I’m still new to all this...but from what I’ve been hearing, a faint line should have counted as a BFP as long as it was read within the timeframe (which they were) and these were all FMU.

Do you have any advice? I feel ok...just like a regular first day AF, pretty heavy with plenty of cramping. Is this something I need to see a doctor about? Does anyone have any hopeful stories for me about this happening to them and having a successful pregnancy soon after? I’m feeling pretty down in the the cramps don’t help😒 and DH is working late tonight 😩

Ps- I’m sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place...I’ve only been using glow for a couple weeks, so I don’t know all the rules yet...😓