Finding out stories!

Katelynn • Mommy to a sweet boy 💙 06.12.18

So how’d you guys find out you were pregnant/what compelled you to take a pregnancy test?!

Here’s mine:

I’m 23 & my periods have always been irregular. When I was with my ex-bf, I could go up to 45 days in between periods.

With my current boyfriend, they had been almost like clock-work. Weird and probably coincidental but maybe it was less stress?

Anyway, I was like three or four days late by my period app & my bf said, “is your period ever this late?” & I’m like “yeah, it’s been a month late before & I was good” & he’s like “it worries me but I’m sure you’ll start this weekend”. That weekend was his big birthday party where we were all gonna drink all night.

I went to work (in an ER) a few days later & decided to test for shits & gigs so I could drink & not feel guilty.

Instantly positive.

I took another one an hour later. Positive.

2 digitals.


I was shocked. I had never been pregnant or even had a scare.

I ended up telling him 4 days later on his birthday party after he found me crying alone because I couldn’t drink.. 😂

He was more excited than me!

We are 11 weeks today with a strong heartbeat in the 160s & couldn’t be more excited!