Is it ok??

Is it ok that I a want to get to re-know my step mom and start hanging out with her and her family? Going on vacations with them and staying at their house for visits and stuff. She was married to my dad for 5 years and dated him for like 3 before that. She has been in my life since I was 6. I am now 21. She was more of a mom to me than my mom was for years. Her and my dad's house was my escape. I love my dad, and he hates her because she has a new fiancé and 2 new step daughters, but I still love her and have 2 siblings from her. She did my hair the other day and we just talked for hours and got to know each other again and more. We have always connected well. I don't want it to be like I am betraying my dad though. I love her mom and dad her side of the family and just want to be in her life again like I use to be. Do you think it's ok for me to do that or is it crossing a line with my dad. He still loves her and I know he does and he is hurt deeply by her leaving him and moving on, but sometimes people just don't work out.

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