Boyfriend trouble..

I am sitting here crying as I type this I don't know what to do anymore. My relationship is absolutely awful and I just can't handle it anymore. To start off, I've been dating this guy for 2 years. He's the funny, outgoing,sweet,cute, the whole package. But he's done a lot of messed up things to me. In the beginning of our relationship he would constantly talk to his ex's. Two of them. He was messaging them whenever we had a fight and he didnt know how to change himself or the things he was doing to me, so he was asking their advice on it. He would ask them what he was like in their relationships and what annoyed them about him and so on. Well I told him how I felt about that being innappropriate and he stopped doing it (for a little bit). About A couple months after that All went down, he would message both of them (same month oddly) why they broke up with their boyfriend's. I asked why he even cared, and he just said he "was nosey and wanted to know" So again I got mad and told him I didn't want him communicating with his ex's. All was good until about a year after that. Well the may that next year he messaged some random girl he used to talk to, and was letting her call him babe and baby and letting her flirt with him and such. He didn't flirt back besides saying "you're pretty, I'm sure you can get a job at so and so", but that was all. So I got extremely hurt, and from then on never trusted him. He didn't even tell me about it either, I just found the messages. So anyways from that point on it's just been fight after fight. He's been to a strip club drunk with his friends, he's told his friends he thinks it's hard to be loyal, and that he's good at lying, blah blah. And so he got tired of me being mad at the things he did to me, and he dumped me. We lived seperatly and didn't talk for 2 weeks. During the 2 weeks he talked to MULTIPLE girls, and both of his exs!! One ex he even was asking why their relationship ended.. (we got back together after those 2 weeks btw) and so I've been asking why he STILL talks to them and all he will tell me is I don't know, I was vulnerable and knew they would talk to me. And I was like okay whatever but why ask bout the relationship between you two????? And Do you still have feelings for her? and just keeps saying no he doesn't have feelings for them and he just wanted to know why she dumped him and was just vulnerable and sad. I am just so fucking confused right now. Am I crazy for thinking he still likes them? He swears up and down he doesn't but I just don't believe it. He doesn't to seem to understand that I feel like a backup. Especially since one of the ex's is someone he dated in highschool for 3 years, and lost his v to and everything. his first love. Should I leave him although he never technically cheated on Me? Help 😭😭😭