“Never done me good except giving me a family”

Said the man I’ve been with for 5 years, I put up with him sexting girls, texting girls, being inappropriate with girls, being blamed for getting angry, treated like crap for hanging with my friends, wasn’t allowed to talk to guys/his mates while he was always all over mine, cheating rumours, grinding with girls, disappearing on weekends, broke with not a dollar to his name for 3 years, put a roof over his head since the day we got together, took him back after he assaulted me in front of our eldest daughter, blamed me for him going to court cos it was my fault I called the police, basically been a solo parent, I’ve been through hell and back with this man but he says his had enough of this & I never done him good except give him a family (kids). Im exhausted being with this man but he acts like i our him through the worst? What the actual fuck!