Someone unlocked the door and walked in on me pumping yesterday


I work at a school, and I have to pump in someone else's office. The door is locked, and there's a sign on the door that says "Do Not Disturb". Yesterday, the receptionist knocked. I said "Don't come in!" She proceeded to unlock the door and come in anyway. I said, "I'm pumping." She said "Sorry", shut the door, and then came back in a minute later to put Secret Santa stuff in this person's office. She turned the other way and said she wasn't looking. This made me really uncomfortable. The door opens to the hallway where students can look in and see me! I approached her about it today, and said I will be pumping again during 3rd period today and to please stay away. She then proceeded to talk about how students were trying to peek through the blinds and did not say sorry. I am just so upset and had to vent!