Idk if I’m looking for advice or just to vent 😞

Anyone else just always seem to get let down ? Like ALWAYS . Boyfriend asks me what i want for Christmas , i tell him i don’t want much because I’m 38 weeks pregnant . So i tell him i only have three things i really want . I either want you to finally purpose to me (been with him for almost 4 years) , a Rottweiler pup in a box or our daughter to make her appearance . So this morning i wake up & we open presents , then i get handed this box . So he’s recording me and everyone’s watching & im getting really excited like is this it . So i get through the 5 boxes to reveal ..... it’s just a neck less ... it’s a pretty one but why go through ALL of that , like he wanted me to get my hopes up ? Then i get handed another big box and I’m thinking “here we go again” open it and find a stuffed animal dog . Disappointment instantly came across my face . And my feelings got hurt , i feel like he took what i really wanted and just made a joke out of it 😞 I’ve been crying since about 9:30 . I feel really ungrateful, but why set it up like he was going to purpose ? & He knows how much that means to me . I officially feel like I’m not worth marrying at this point & it doesn’t make it better that everytime i check Facebook a new person is posting there engagement ring .