ladies, please help!!! 😭

my husband and i have been together for 5 years, latley we have been fighting so much over the tiniest things. he will get upset and angry and start breaking things, yelling, saying very hurtful things.. etc... he always criticises me for litterally everything i do, if im in the kitchen cooking and he walks in and sees me cutting an onion he will literally say that im not doing it right, he says that im so slow at everything i do, and that he can do it 10x faster... its like everything i do he has a negative comment about it... it seems like whatever i say or do it just pisses him off more... recently hes been telling me that hes done with everything. done with life. he says we dont see eye to eye with anything, and honestly i dont even understand how he could say that and ive asked him to give me examples but he never does. he says that i deserve better, but that he loves me... i just am at a loss of words.... if him and i ever got a divorce i would be living in my car, trying to go to school and find a job... i have no one to ask for advice, i have no one to talk to about these problems, ive been thinking about what to do and finally i just decided to post this here and really hope that you ladies can help, i know i havent gone much in to detail, there is just sooo much shit to tell... im lost.. i do truly love him, and i know that we are not happy, and it kills me to say that.. we have talked about our situation countless of times but still its always the same shit different day. he hsays that when he gets mad he cannot control what comes out of his mouth... and after the fight is over he will say he is sorry and that he will try harder next time but it always happens again and he gets angry yellls breaks things... its just an on going thing... we have our good days, and they are amazing, but when we have our bad days they are just terrible! :( i jusst really hope someone can help me.. thank you ladies for your time.. oh and merry christmas!