POCS & Maca Root


Hi all- just want to share my experience for anyone it may help.

Background: the past 2 Years I’ve been under a lot of stress at work. It caused me to miss my period multiple times. About 5ish months ago I went to my ONGYN after hitting 90 days no period. She did a sonogram and I had well over 12 cysts. She diagnosed me with POCS.

What I did: the OBGYN gave me 3 months of birth control. I also started taking B-12, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, St. John’s wart, and Maca root- which is supposed to help with hormone balance. I also ate more regularly to balance blood sugar and went to the gym more regularly. I also took Melatonin to be sure I slept a good 8hrs a night.

The result: at the end of the 3 months all the cysts were gone. And I am now pregnant.

I really do feel the vitamins/ supplements helped. I recommend looking into it especially the Maca root. I just felt different taking it. :)