did I overreact?


so, I was talking to this guy that I went to high school with a couple weeks ago and we'd both been trying to hang out and see a movie together as a cute little date. so it ends up not happening because every time he was available, I had to work and it just wasn't working out. but we keep on talking over text and he would always try and make it sexual while i was just trying to have a normal conversation with him. you know, asking him how his day was and everything, so I was already slightly annoyed and told him I wasn't in the mood for that and he understood. I went to bed rather late cause I didn't have work the next day. so I wake up around ten-ish and the first thing I do is check my notifs and I see he's sent me a chat on Snapchat. so I open it, expecting it to be a sweet good morning text. nah. He sent me a text saying 'Hey, if you can, you should try and come over today. I'm horny and want to fool around.' like almost word for word that's what he sent me. so I'm laying in bed having just woken up and I'm like... what the fuck? that's not the kind of text i wanna wake up to in the morning. so it put me in a sour mood the rest of the day whenever I thought about it. but I just didn't respond because I didn't know what to say and I just stopped talking to him because it seemed like all he wanted from me was sex or to fool around. and it made me upset because I'm a virgin and very inexperienced and to me it just seemed like he wanted to take advantage of that, so I cut off all contact. am i like overreacting? also sorry this is so long