worst Christmas ever


I found out in the wee hours of Sunday morning that my (ex)bF had cheated on me.

it's been a horrible Christmas. he's been saying for a couple weeks that he wanted to 'talk" but I thought it was just cause we realized that we wanted completely different futures a couple weeks ago. he works night shifts so it's hard to see him. the past two weeks all he's said to me (via text) is that he was able to come over and talk. but then would "oversleep" and he couldn't before work. Wednesday night we were texting and pretty much broke up but when I said that I can't believe that this was happening over text he said it wasn't happening and we need to talk. fine. I was scrolling thru Facebook at 3am and saw that he was in a relationship with another girl. the date on it?? Nov 14th. one MONTH before we had any issue at all.

I've known him for 10 years, been great friends for 4 years and literally just had our one year anniversary Dec 3.

so when I saw the post I immediately texted him. his response? "in my defense I didn't tell her to post that on FB. I haven't seen you in two months (bs. we have but he pretty much slept thru it all) and we broke up so I didn't cheat. which TECHNICALLY we haven't yet.

he told me he loved me to my face but he was seeing this other girl. and he actually told me "I still want to be really really good friends with you". how the hell does he think that I would be ok with it?

what also sucks is that he's part of the friend group that I hang with and live with some of them. and I just found out tonight that he had the audacity to ask his friend (who is one of the people I live with and is also dating my best friend) that he wanted to double date soon.

I don't know what to do. we had PLANS. I am so mad at him. I just can't believe it. but he "doesn't want to hurt me cause he cares about me". if he truly love me like he said he does then he would have been honest with me. I was ok with breaking up cause we wanted different futures. but not this.

I don't want to put my friends in the middle of this. but I don't want to lie to them. most of them know what's happened.

it's been the worst Christmas ever I couldn't even enjoy the food since I felt so sick and all I want to do it cry. and now I don't know what to do with the custom gift I got for him.