Could be the hormones??

I swear, since becoming pregnant I have become invisible! My mother has a partner who’s daughters live about an hour away. They both come home and they done their own Xmas, cause they weren’t here for the actual day. My mother, them, friends, other family all invited, but me?? Not even so much of a mention. Now they are all out for the day today, having a great time, posting in our family group chat, but me?? Nope, once again not included. These girls don’t get home that often, but my mum sees them and bothers more than she does with me. And it’s making me rage majorly. I feel like just telling her to move on with her new family, considering she bothers a lot more with them anyway. She lives 5 minute drive from me and I’m lucky if I clap eyes on her once a month. She can have her new life with her new family, I’m fucking done with it all, I’m not fucking chasing my own god damn mother for some time with her! She’s just become the absolute picture of the mother I don’t want to be when my daughter gets here in March!