Crib Sleep!


So I know it's recommended that babies sleep on their back on the crib, but so far my 11 week old had been sleeping in our room in the rock and play or in the swing. She was double swaddled because otherwise she would wiggle out and hit her face, waking herself up. She'd always wake up by 4am and be very gassy, so any sleep after 4am was fussy. Well, last night I took a chance! I gave her gas drops a few times in the evenings, I wrapped her lower body in a blanket but left her arms free, and I put her down in her crib for sleep at 9pm. She slept until 7am, waking up to feed 3 times and quickly falling back asleep. It was amazing. I thought the transition away from the swaddle and into the crib was going to be hell. Fingers crossed she maintains her acceptance of it!