Natural treatment for Bipolar?

I have bipolar and am just getting out of a hypomanic/mixed episode. I used to take a lot of medications but haven’t for over a year because I was pregnant. I’m honestly now afraid of going back on medications even though I need to. Before I was ok with medications because i was really severely depressed and also couldn’t control my anger and irritability so I was ok with it then but now I have a more natural outlook on how I treat my body and I want to take better care of my body. The drugs i would have to take are heavy and have a lot of negative side effects. The ones that worked best for me altogether were Lithium, serequel, lamictal, klonopine as needed, and adderall as needed for concentrating for my adhd. Lithium really helped but reading the sideffects of it now I want to steer clear i don’t want to possibly have an impaired memory. Is there any natural remedies I could use to treat bipolar symptoms. I’m ok with taking klonopine as needed and did take it when I was very up to calm down