Am I pregnant?

So here’s the deal: I haven’t missed any of my pills and taken them every day. Af is due next Friday but I can’t Shake the feeling that I might be pregnant? I keep getting slight cramps (I had extremely irregular periods before the pill) and my s/o doesn’t finish in me. I haven’t been sick or had diarreah, is there a possible way I could be? I keep seeing things to do with pregnancy everywhere, on the tv shows I watch, Facebook etc. I’m just freaking out because my 18th birthday is on the Friday and I can just imagine how upset I will be.

We had sex on the 23rd and then again from 29th-30th, is there a chance I could’ve been “fertile”? I’m just so worried as I’m so bloated today but I think that’s due to what I’ve been eating. Someone please help calm my mind 😩😩😩