My Pineapple 🍍 Core Baby


Let me start off by saying this is my suspicion of how this baby became the pineapple core baby.

I’m a FTM . Until this point I was 0 cm dilated and 0%effaced at 38 Weeks 5days Days and ready to get baby out . On Monday I ended up getting a fresh pineapple while grocery shopping and ate the entire core that day .Wednesday I went to the ER that next morning because baby wasn’t moving as much — come to find out baby had dropped and I was dilated 1 -2 cm — that night I felt two major cramps and thought nothing of them keep in mind I’m a FTM I didn’t know what contractions felt like !. Thursday I had my 39 Weeks appt went in to get check and dilated to 3 cm 60% effaced — later that night contractions got more powerful and ended up going to the ER I dilated to 3.5- Cm 70% effaced — apparently I wasn’t in active labor and was sent home I contracted all night long ! My husband said I was contracting in my sleep (they gave me pain meds before I left which knocked me out) I really didn’t feel it .The next day Friday I woke to consistent contractions I called the doctors twice and er everyone said the same damn think “come when they get intense /bleed /or water break” . I continue to stay home and watch them —

things got so intense I broke down crying on all fours because it hurt that bad I was home alone so I was so convinced I was about to give birth on my bedroom floor. I called my mom who was up the street at work to take me to the hospital I’m literally crying to my mom in pain at this point she yelled at me saying I should’ve never been home alone so close to my due day (I’m hard headed she know that) . She tells me to call my sister and I just skipped that option and called my husband (I didn’t want him to leave work for a false alarm again like he did that previous day) ! Surprisingly he got home super quick and we got everything and went to the er — apparently they knew I’d be back and was ready for me . They checked me and tells me I’m 5cm and 100% effaced and said I’m having a baby today or tomorrow . Boy was I happy ! Things went pretty well at first I got to 7cm without a epi but things took hours to progress . So I asked for pitocin —contractions were fast but baby wasn’t up for a vaginal birth he became stressed in the womb and doctor highly suggested a c-section I had been in early labor for 2 days and was ready to get baby out so I went with the c section . I was ready for surgery in minutes . I hated the touch / pulling feeling and was hurting like.hell during the surgery until they gave me the laughing gas I was high as hell and didn’t feel anything . Next thing I remember hearing was my sons precious cry all I could do was cry. Born at 39 weeks 2 days weighing in a 8 lb. 4oz. 20” at 8:13am 01/6/2018. Baby Jayce . Very healthy no NICU time

I say all this to say he is definitely my pineapple core baby .