Scared myself over Stillbirths....


So I did the worst thing ever today. I saw a post on here about a very tragic Stillbirth story - and I read it. Now for about 6 hours I’ve looked up things like, “what causes Stillbirth” “how to prevent Stillbirth” etc etc. all of the stories I’ve read have told me stillbirths occur due to things like;


being over the age of 35

being a teenager

smoking or drinking

not exercising

not eating right

being African American.

None of which describe me. I’m perfectly healthy, I play with my 4 year old outside daily and still do all of my daily chores so I move around plenty! I’m white, 26, don’t smoke, do drugs, or drink, no diabetes or health issues at all. Still, there’s always that chance of the “unknown reason” Stillbirth. My one sister had placental abrubtus (she smoked.) I know this sounds very paranoid but I mean, anyone else or just me? Given what I stated do I still run the risk at all? The stats say it’s 1 in every 160 births, but that didn’t include anything about if they smoked or drank, had diabetes, age, race, nothing. Just a scary statistic, no real backstories other than everyone claiming their pregnancies were perfect, and a lot of sad stories...