The waiting is killing me!


UPDATE: So, Aunt Flo decided to come early. 😟 I've been too busy PMSing to really process my disappointment over not being pregnant. Poor hubby is getting the brunt of it cuz I just don't want to be manhandled. 😝 I had to go get me a bag of Dove chocolate and Motrin and all is good. Hoping soon, I will be announcing some good news.

I miscarried in August and doctor said I could try again as soon as I was ready. Well, I'm 38 and feel like I don't have a lot of time left to have another baby with me having pcos. (Yes, I know older women are having babies, but my gut feeling is I don't have much time.) So, hubby and I decided to try again. My period is supposed to come in four days, and I feel like I did right before I found out I was pregnant last time. Crampy, extra tired, bloated, and to add to the list today, nauseous. I'm just a little bit nervous because those are some my pre menstrual symptoms as well. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I want my little girl to have a sibling (and I also want a little boy, but will be happy with either) really bad! I just had to vent just a little. Praying and hoping to add to our little family. 🙏