Moms who have miscarried, Please help.


Today my doctor confirmed my suspicions that I had a miscarriage earlier this week. I have a wonderful son from my first pregnancy and this was my second pregnancy. I was only 5 weeks along but I was so excited and now I hurt so bad. I can’t stop holding my 1 year old son and thanking God that I didn’t loose him too. I have two questions for those of you who have been through this before:

1) I believe that this was a child (even at just 5 weeks gestation) and I want to remember him/her as such. How do you keep memory alive of someone you have lost so early?

2) How do you trust future pregnancies? I feel that I will always be terrified of loss. I don’t want to be ruled by that kind of fear in any future pregnancies.

I hope that it is not too bold to ask these questions. I just need help wrapping my mind around how to move on.