Nervous to tell SO that I’m expecting

Okay, here’s the deal.

I’m September 2017 I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend of almost a year (now), already has a child. She is almost two. At the time, he was going through tough custody battles with his baby’s mother & went through hard depression due to not seeing his baby. I told him I was pregnant and he was scared and not very happy at all. We ended up deciding that abortion would be the best option, despite my second thoughts and knowing how depressed I’d be. When I had my appointment, they told me it was ectopic and that even had I wished to proceed with the pregnancy, I wouldn’t be able to. This made it a little bit easier, but I was still so depressed afterwards, wondering why my body failed me, and why he was so against having a child with me.

I went though some medical problems after that until December. I had been on the pill until December but was instructed to get off of it. My boyfriend was nervous to come in me, so we tried to not do that in case we had any accidents of course.

He ended up coming in me ONCE, and yesterday I received three positive pregnancy tests and today I went to the doctor and am awaiting confirmation. I’m sick and bloated and I know I am pregnant. I also know this is not something he will be very thrilled about, despite having sole custody of his daughter. I am way too nervous to tell him and am even more nervous thinking about doing this alone. I don’t want to do this alone, but I am dead set on not letting what happened before, happen again. I do not want to get an abortion but I am afraid he’ll leave me. I have no family and not much support, he’s all I got.

Please help, thank you.