Worried and don’t know what to do. Sorry it’s long.

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I am currently about 5weeks+3 pregnant. Three days ago I started spotting and within hours it turned into moderate bleeding and hasn’t stopped since. I have passed a few small clots and it goes from dark brownish red to pink in color. I went to the emergency room where they did an ultrasound but their findings were inconclusive and told me don’t be surprised if you misscarry. I scheduled an appointment with the OBGYN and they did another ultrasound today and did a first round of quantitative HCG tests and it was about 5500. The OB said that there is a gestational sac present but no signs of a yok sac or fetal poll. I have two more rounds of lab tests and a reexam next Thursday. The doctor told me that it either a) it is just to early to see and the pregnancy could be normal, b) I’ll miscarry, or c) it could be a blighted ovum which will result in a DNC. She also told me this bleeding could be normal because it is moderate but since there is no comparisons it is hard to tell and is sightly concerning. This is my first pregnancy and I am so worried. My husband and I really want this baby and currently he is out training with his unit (he is in the Army) and I cannot talk to him. It is a terrible feeling to be going through this and not being able to tell him when he comes home there may no longer be a developing baby. Have any of you experienced this before? Or have any words of wisdom? Anything at this point would help.