Mentally ill husband

peanuts mother

I am pregnant and I have a a mentally ill husband with ADHD. I only just found out, he can be aggressive, lies a lot, and has been promising me for 4 years that he would change. I’d say I’m safe but often I feel treated very badly. He lacks empathy and is very inconsistent. Lately I have wanted it over with him, I didn’t want to get pregnant but after I found out it was to late, and we only tried once and once was enough. He is manipulative and often uses emotional blackmail. I have considered not having this child - I’m 5 weeks pregnant but I already love it....but I’m afraid to bring a child into this situation as he already does things to make me feel trapped and I believe if I have this child he will not even try anymore. He is going on medication but I don’t know how much it will help.,and I’m afraid to risk such a volitive situation. I have spoken to my doctor and told me I need to put myself and mental health first.