Normal for a relationship?

Sorry if this isn’t totally the right group but I need some advice. So my boyfriend and I have been together for around half a year. We started talking right after the end of the school year and spent the entire summer just having fun and being carefree, it was incredible. We decided to become exclusive and so that’s how we’ve been for a few months. When the relationship first started I was super into him, maybe even a little obsessed haha. He was all that was on my mind constantly, all I ever talked about, my entire day revolved around him. But I realized that wasn’t necessarily healthy so I started getting some of my independence back. Now a while back I was diagnosed with depression, its definitely not severe by any means but it does effect my relationships and connections with people. Recently I’ve noticed things have changed with my boyfriend. We did just get back into school from break so I know that shift has something to do with it but lately I just feel off. We still act the same and I still love him dearly, the thought of us not being together makes me very upset, but I’m not as “obsessed” as I used to be. Is this normal? Is this just the honeymoon stage ending or is it a bad sign? I know my depression definitely has some to do with this since it makes me isolate myself and overthink but any advice would help, thank you!!