Accidentally let our 10m old cry it out πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

Madison β€’ Mommy to 1

So I accidentally let my 10 month old cry it out and it is and was the best thing I ever could of done. NEVER have I even thought about letting her lay in her crib and cry. My nightly routine since about 3 months was to lay in the crib with her nurse her to sleep then sneak out. She would wake up any where from 2-4 hours later and from then on she was in bed with me and my husband.

Last Night: my daughter took a late nap so she was up way later than usual. We did our typical nightly routine and headed to her room to lay in the crib. After feeding she was wide awake. Our dog was whining to go potty so I jumped out of the crib clicked on the baby monitor and let him out. Of course she was SCREAMING at that point. I was already downstairs so i switched over laundry then let our dog inside. I’d say it was a total of 20 minutes give or take at some point during me switching laundry the baby monitor died not a huge deal since i was going back up anyways. Well she was fast asleep!!!! I was so in shock! It was totally accidental but for the first time EVER she put herself to sleep! And that wasn’t even the best part she slept for 6 hours!!

Tonight: Oh my gosh mommies please just give it a try i know every baby is different but it might work! Tonight I switched up our routine, instead of getting in the crib I sat in her rocker with her and fed her until she was almost asleep. Transferred her to the crib and she didn’t really cry just fussed for a few minutes then fell asleep! Ill have to update tomorrow on how long she sleeps.

I had never thought i’d be sleeping in bed all night just me and my husband it is so great after 10 months! πŸ’• Sorry im not too good on the story telling.πŸ˜›

Here’s my baby girl if anyone wanted to see😘