Just a hook up?

So this realllllly cute guy, a year older than me, starting football at my school next year, has been talking to me for a few months now. We’ve hung out like 4 times and had sex 3 of those times. Over break he said he missed me, he messaged me about an Instagram I posted and said “my friggin girl you look so pretty” and a bunch of stuff like that. The thing is, then when we finally hang out it seems like it’s just for sex, which don’t get me wrong I enjoy the sex, but he’s giving me so many mixed signals and i feel like I keep giving myself false hope that he’ll want something more. Also I saw a box of 36 condoms in his bathroom, so like it’s pretty clear he’s doing this with other girls and that’s uncomfortable. I don’t know if I should end it all together or keep playing his games. I know that it would cause a lot less stress to just end it but I like talking to him and he’s just soo cute. I really wanna ask him like what he wants out of this, but I don’t wanna be that clingy girl