I’m not sure how to take it?


For the longest time I just let it slide, but now I think I need to say something but then I’m questioning it to see if other people talk to their best friends like this. So last night I was reading thru my bf messages to his best friend ( that’s probably wrong of me but I have good reasons why I did). I read things about some sexual things but it was like u won’t find a d like mine an u know u want it. Then they stop for a few days an start back up an start saying (for what I can see ) I love you j an I love you S. An now she is planning a trip to see him an talking about head in the road etc. how do I know he didn’t do it behind my back before we moved? I know some people have ways to joke around with their best friends but I feel like that is over board an something is going on. On the side note they do talk everyday cuz they work kinda together on this thing called Herbalife, an they trying to build their clientele so they can have somewhat of a business. So any ideas to what I should do or is this normal? I’m due in March an this stress is killing me I cry basically all night an I never get any sleep anymore this is all I think of.

Any suggestions will help an be appreciated.