How much does your toddler drink?

MamaBear🐻🌼 • 26, Mom of two-proud Navy Wife & SAHM

I just weaned my son off breastmilk, and he’s doing great with the straw cup he just doesn’t drink much!!! I offer cows milk and water absolutely ALL day and he’ll sip at it and be done, he doesn’t sit and drink a whole cup of milk like my daughter did 3 times a day at that age!!

So I just read they should be getting 16-24 oz of fluid a day and I would estimate my son gets no where near that.. maybe 4-6 oz of milk and mayyybe 2-5 oz of water.. typing that out and it doesn’t sound like much yet it feels like he drinks all day and i couldn’t possibly get him to drink any more! ....he does great with solids and he has wet diapers regularly, just as much as he did while BF...

I’m not so concerned about dehydration as I guess I am about him just being healthy- meeting his body’s requirements.

I will ask dr about all this too when he has an app, but just curious if anyone has some advice!? I literally JUST weaned him and he’s always been a snacker on the boob so I hope as he grows he learns to take a whole cup of milk and one time.