Ok so I am 21, had my first baby at 19... I feel like I'm ready for another one already it's been a whole year and 5 months, I'm on depo and think I should get off of it next month because it takes a bit for me to get my period when I'm off of it, but our financial situation is a bit hectic at the moment, though I believe we can afford another one... But boyfriend will be becoming a cop soon but the process can take about 2 months, I want another baby. should we try for another one or wait? also I have had no miscarriages or anything and I want to know if I should check to make sure it's safe for me to have another baby? I have an umbilical hernia that I need to get fixed first before all of this though I think.. but is it wrong to see if my body can handle another baby? has anyone else done it? or should I not worry? thanks.