He stopped having sex to talk to his ex

Does anyone else think this is damn right fucking annoying or? Let me explain...

We were having sex this morning, which he initiated. He has just pulled me on top of him after about 20 minutes and his phone started ringing, I told him to check who it was as it might be important. So I climbed off and he got his phone from the bedside.

It was his ex, so he answered. They’ve got children together and they were together/married for like 9 years... her grandpa is dying and he knows this so sometimes he has to take the kids at short notice - I get it (just a little background, for info)

She literally rang for a chat about her grandpa, now I get this - he’s been her go to for years. But he actually continued the entire conversation for like a full 15 minutes... like he wasn’t busy - no he hadn’t died or wasn’t seriously ill or anything, but he was in no rush to hang up!

When he finally did, he said he was done and didn’t want to carry on having sex. This has really ticked me off 😂

Am I being unreasonable? Please tell me I am and I can give my head a wobble and carry on 😂