Empty follicles??? Please help!

Hi, hope someone can help. I had egg collection a week ago and I had 17 follicles 15 of which were 18-22mm. When I had egg collection they didn't find any eggs except 1!
They said all the follicles were empty and most likely reason is that because I've probably got poor quality eggs or because I have no eggs left?! 
Has this happened to anyone else or have you heard of this before?
I'm 37 so not too old and as you can imagine I'm totally devastated 😢😢
I had <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">ivf</a> 5 years ago and had 22 mature follicles which were all top grade, that's why I'm feeling really confused as to how in 5 yrs I've run out of eggs! Do you think it could be because of multiple tries at super ovulation that my supply of eggs has run out?
Any advice will be much appreciated xx