Anyone ever have real implantation bleeding?

Jessica • Edd 11/9 #3 after losing 6 mo old daughter last July & having a tubal reversal in September. Hoping for a rainbow baby!
I posted this on success stories but hoping someone here may also know from previous pregnancies: 
 So I was hoping someone who's had actual implantation bleeding could weigh in.... I've had some unusual spotting today.
​So I have very regular 28 day cycles.  Typically spot the day I start my period then by the next time I go to the bathroom I have light flow.  Last month my cycle was 4 days late because I had the flu during my fertile window and ovulated late.  Right now I'm about 4-6 days from my potential AF (on cycle day 25) and 9-10 DPO.  I've spotted a very tiny amount today light pink mucous looking color...... 
​My first instinct would be early AFhowever, that's never happened to me before so I thought its possible it could be implantation.  BBT hasn't dropped at all still elevated (last month dropped 2 days before AF)  
​Any words of wisdom would be appreciated :)