I broke down :-/

For heavens sake!!
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I'm 9 DPO according to Glow, 10 DPO according to FF(based on my temps this one seems more accurate to me). I was planning to test in the morning but seeing as I had tests under the bathroom sink, naturally I took one! Absolutely stark white BFN. I realized I hadn't gone to the bathroom for 4 hours and did it on a whim. I've got 2 more tests. Still thinking I'll use one in the morning, or maybe in the afternoon with another hold...if that's BFN I'll wait until 14 DPO. If it's still BFN and I get AF, I'm kind of going to give up. I'm not going to prevent, but I'm not going to temp or use OPK's, and I'm definitely not going to buy any tests until I'm late! I'll probably still pay attention to CM and track my periods...I guess I'm not giving up, just backing off. I feel like I know my body well enough to be able to know my fertile window down to about a week and I'll just see how much BDing we can get in. I'm not going to tell DH when I think I'm fertile. He gets stressed out and it just doesn't work. Hopefully we can both be more relaxed! I know you ladies all understand...it's just too much!