okay girls I am in desperate need of some help/advice. for nearly a year I have been suffering from what I believe is cystic acne on my chin. they are big, deep and painful red lumps which never come to a head. they are destroying my self esteem and all I want to do is cry. when one finally starts to heal another one rears its ugly head. they last for weeks at a time or sometimes never go away until I painfully push a needle into it to lance it and even then it sometimes comes back in a couple of weeks in the same spot. I guess I am curious as to Whether anyone has experienced this and what helped it? I am not on the pill and maybe thinking I should go on it as I believe it might be a hormonal thing as it is only targeted on my chin. ps I am 25 and have NEVER had acne or pimples until now. sorry for the long post! any advice would be much appreciated.