Me and my mental health

I came a long way. I finally feel like my  life is going the right direction! The dark bags under my eyes have diminished, and I feel healthy. I haven't bitten my nails/broken them off. I feel great and positive. Soon I'll be able to find a job. My anxiety still comes and goes but only in dire situations. I don't feel depressed anymore. 
I'm posting this to let you ladies know. Also, for the ladies that feel like their depression, anxiety, etc. will never go away. There is hope. With the help of my friends and family I prevailed. My boyfriend, played a large part in it and I thank him. My mother supported me the way she could as well. 
Now I can be creative with out being blocked or clouded by my emotional state. That's a great feeling. If any one of you ladies have the same problem I wish you luck and hope you find support you need!