In laws

I don't know what to do. My MIL is visiting and she's from another country. I feel like I have to take care of a kid. I'm exhausted and we live in a 1 bdrm apt so now she's got the bed and hubby and I have the floor or sofa. I'm desperately wanting a baby but now she's in the way. I work full time and come home exhausted from work and have to heat up her dinner as if her hands and feet don't work. My husband is not much help either as he's lazy. Whenever my husband Skype his family back home I always hear his sister say she will stay here 6 months. I'm irritated as I was told my mil would stay anywhere from 2 wks to 3 months and she'd go back whenever she feels like it. My mil is nice as a person but thinks she's old and can't do anything.