C-section vs natural

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Would you get a C-section just to please your SO, or because you don't want to feel the pain of child birth, or would you just take the pain?

I've known a girl to get a C-section just because she didn't want to feel no pain, and I know there's a lot of women who want the child birth experience but just can't because they can't dilate.

I know some doctors opt for cesarean because they get paid more insurance money or they'll diagnose you with some illness to drug you up that will either put you or the baby in distress and makes the heart rate drop and you have to get an emergency c-section, I was so shocked by what people would do for money.

I've had both of my sons vaginally, I personally wouldn't want a C-section unless It's essential to save me or the baby, or In some cases both

What are your thoughts?