help? advice?

so I've been trying for sometime to get pregnant, after i lost my baby in 2013 it left a hole in my heart losing my baby boy i was so determind to get pregnant again it was like i craved it again i got pregnant and misscaraged, i later got ill and gave up trying wasnt ment to be as i was told, iv found out i have Polististic ovaries? and have been told to maybe do ovulation tests, take something called Clomid? and have regular sex and manage my weight better! i have no idea where to get clomid i dont know what to do i have to have day 21 bloods and the more i seem to panic the more i stress and my periods mess up (late/early never happened before) i don't know if it's because i want it so bad seeing my baby scan from my first pregnancy i just crave so bad any advice on how to be more patient and where to start? like buy clomid? or any othwr thing i could take ? where to get ovulation tests and when to do them?