Can an indent show up within the 3 min or is it just a vvvvfl


So I took a test this morning and a line came up after 3 min however is was such a squinted that I couldn’t tell if there was color or if it was grey. So I don’t know if I should count it as a vvvfl or an indent, all the indents I’ve seen usually come up once it’s dry. And I’ve taken tests 10-12 dpo all negative. And I’ve been using FRER

I missed my period so I’m 15 dpo. But I’m thinking maybe my levels are just really low still.

When I was tracking my ovulation I never got a positive but I did get a surge it got very close. So maybe my levels are just lower. CP and CM confirmed ovulation

The camera didn’t pick up the line well at all but it is there in real life.

The pic I took was wishing 4-5 min.