Best Friend Issues😭 AM I OVER REACTING???


So my boyfriend has an ex gf and technically they weren't really dating. He had just moved to our school and he thought she was nice and she was like ok were together now then school ended and they spoke twice so he could help her with summer hw. And my bff kept trying to get us together and finally after July 4th I was like fine I'll talk to him to even see if I like him. Well soon after we started liking one another and I said nothings gonna happen until ur single and he said ok i only want you. And we became good friends then started dating the first day of school. Well schools been in for almost 5 months and she still has some issues with me. I understand she is upset but it's been 5 months and they never talked so Im kinda like come on now Like ur being a little extra by now. Well recently her and my bff have a class together and my bff sat next to her and now his ex is talking to my bestie about me and she hasn't told her to stop or even don't talk to me about her. And I feel very upset because I've cried many nights because of what this girl has said about me and how she made me view myself and the fact bt best friend is just letting her talk down on me then telling me I feel is wrong. I told her to tell his ex not to discuss me and she just says it's not that serious. Am I being over dramatic?