Anyone know about wic in Texas?

Ariadna • 23 years old. Expecting first baby 👼
Ok ladies so I'm just having a hard time. I hate people who lie to get benefits because I've never gotten any help because I was married and we had a good income. Well I'm now divorced ... I'm still stuck with my car I got before I got pregnant. I'm basically a sigle mother... I do work full time but the total take home pay is only about 1,400 a month and I pay $420 on my car and $220 of ins each month. I help my brother with bills and rent. And we'll long story short I am struggling financially. 😔😢 I want to apply for wic so I can get food for me and my little one but I'm afraid I won't even get approved because my last check stubs have overtime on them 😔 but I've been having to work crazy shifts to get by with bills. And because I have a car and my brother works too so that is extra income.. I guess my question is... Has anyone gotten wic that is in a similar situation?