Happy to find this group!

Megan • 24, have a 6 year old girl and an amazing boyfriend! Expecting #2 November of 2015!!
Hey there! In new here and I would just like to say you ladies are some of the strongest women ever! It's not easy being a single mom by choice. I became a single mom by choice when I was almost 20, my daughter was about 2. People around me told me that I should be happy that her dad wanted to be in her life, but they didn't know what happened behind closes doors! I kicked him out of our appartment and he's lived at his parents since (4 years) we just went to court for child support and he was ordered to pay 100$ a month and is not 2 months behind. I'm pregnant again with my fiancé and my daughter is so happy to be a big sister. Finally my life is becoming what I always wished for! Like I said before you're all so strong!!!(: