Is your partner panicking?

Teeny • Mom of one, stepmom of one, and expecting our third boy 1/31/16 👶🏼
To begin, we have two kindergartners already from previous relationships.
 I found out we were pregnant yesterday! I didn't really think I was pregnant but I was late so I took a test while my boyfriend was at a neighbors party. I freaked out, ran to the neighbors house, pulled him outside, showed him the test and he was psyched! He went and told all our friends, we got engaged (lol classy) we called our parents- the whole deal.
Today we had a great morning together with no stress, we picked out my ring, and had sex twice lol. But then I left to go run some errands and when I came home he was freaking out and saying stuff like "if you go to the dr and it turns out those tests were a fluke I won't be upset" and "are you sure you wanna do this?" But at the same time he's picking out new cars for us to accommodate the baby and discussing joint bank accounts. I'm so confused.
Do other people do this? Is this normal jitters? He was so happy and now I feel like everything is fucked.
Help 😕

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