wtf is going on..


so my ob said my PCOS is on the fritz and I'll get my period eventually and it will be ABSOLUTELY horrible since I havent had it in about almost 2 months well january 25 started to bleed a tad put a tampon in cause ya no got told I'd have it eventually it started out pinkish light red and stopped later that day then again the next spotted here and there stopped the 27th all day until I woke up to go to work at 11 . spotted and now as I type this its stopped . . . the way my doctor said itd happen itd be painful and like Niagara falls for all the build up in the uterus ... this isnt even my period I've had my period since I was 13 .. I never spot EVER .... what do you guys think ?! anybody experience this ?? HELP ! gonna try and get ahold of my doctor today or tomorrow