Jumping on the bandwagon 🤞🏼


My DH and I decided to start ttc about 6 months ago after a chemical pregnancy. That one blissful week of pregnancy (or when I thought I was pregnant anyway) made me realize how bad I wanted to start our family. We decided not to make ourselves crazy with tracking, temping, and opk’s, but to just let nature take its course and to let it happen when it was meant to happen. I think that worked for me for about 2 months 😂

I really thought it would happen right away. I tried to suppress my control freak tendencies and take a relaxed attitude towards ttc. In reality: I’m a HS teacher with tons of patience for angsty teenagers, but I have 🚫 patience for my uterus to get itself together.

I’ve symptom spotted, tracked cm, and checked on my calendar even when I told DH I wouldn’t 🙈 I’ve considered spotting before af as I sign she was coming, a sign I was pregnant, and a sign that my body just enjoys screwing around with my hopes and dreams. I’ve considered every minor change in my body as a clue or symptom and have looked for others who were experiencing the same and ended up pregnant, thinking “well she had those symptoms and was pregnant, so I must be too!” ‼️Spoiler alert‼️.... I wasn’t 😫

Here’s what I’ve learned... there’s only so much I can control and obsessing over every sign and symptom without understanding what my body is doing has gotten me literally no where. Did I mention that I’m a science teacher?? I literally teach science all day and yet I haven’t been able to apply it to my own life... so this next cycle is one big experiment... I’m jumping on the bandwagon and leaving that “it’ll happen when it happens” mantra behind, embracing my type A personality, and taking taking charge of my own fertility. Because after all... it’s just science 🔬🙌👶🏼