Update #2. Urgent help needed!!! 3 month old is sick



M ftm. I have exclusively breastfed my baby.. Since yesterday afternoon she has lil bit fever going up and down. She is not feeding as she does usually and pushes me if I try to feed her. She cries uncontrollably and it doesn’t sound like her usual cry, its like she is in deep pain. I hardly get 1 wet diaper every 8 hrs. I tried to give her bottle, milk with syringe to make sure she doesn’t get dehydrated but she refuses that too after a lil bit. We saw pediatrician today, she said my lil girl ‘s stomach is very good and she doesn’t have ear infection. Doc said, baby’s throat is lil red. I asked few questions about what’s the issue, what should we do to relieve her pain but doc didn’t give any satisfactory answers. So we took another appointment with different doctor and it’s tomorrow.

I need some insight if anyone has faced this before. Right now giving my lil one Tylenol. After tylenol only she is able to sleep and feed very lil to stay lil hydrated. What should I do? Is throat infection is common among three months old?

Sorry for the long post. Any input ll help. Thank you all in advance


My lil one did breastfeeding twice in past 4 hrs. Now only 4 hrs to visit doc ofc, ll keep you updated... thank you so much

Update # 2

We went to her doctor appointment today and she is diagnosed with Herpangina which has caused blisters in her throat.. it is one kind of viral infection. But good news is she started breastfeeding and slowly getting back to her usual feeding and sleeping habits. So now atleast she is not dehydrated. Since it’s viral it ll take 5-7 days to get perfectly fine.. She is doing all great without Tylenol. What a relief!!! 😊😊

Thank you all wonderful Mumma☺️☺️☺️