He needs time?

I’ve been going out with a guy named him Red. Well red and me are having a big fight because this past Friday we went out to eat and he decided to invite his friend which I had not problem with, because we where going to the bar with him and some of red’s other friends.

When we arrived to the place you get a discount if you apply for there card. So I was trying to apply for him but knowing Red I though he didn’t like giving his number so while I started to type mine, he makes a comment infront of his friend saying “wait don’t put your number what if we break up and I still want to come” his friend laughs and I just stay quiet didn’t let it bother me completely. So I let him do it and him and his friend are just F** around with the machine. So I told him I’m going to check us in the restaurant ( since it has a long wait) he then looks at me and yell at me “wtf are you doing just f*** stay”. These older people where right behind us and looks at me. I was so embarrassed and mad after. I didn’t even want to be there anymore. I ignored him though dinner and everything. So we head back to red house to drop his friend of so he can grab his car. He ask me what’s wrong. In my head i want to yell but i know I won’t get far with him if I yell so I told him what’s wrong. He ignored and made excuses. He said that I was mad since we had got out of the car and I had a b*** face the whole time( I had a great day b4). And he said he didn’t scream at me. So his solution was that we weren’t going to go out with his friends anymore. That he didn’t even want to take me out anymore because it’s too much for him. I didnt agree with him and that kept escalating. (Background story: we fought a week ago because he didn’t want me talking to my best friend which is his friend (bc we hooked up once a long time ago) 3 weeks before that was a fight because he says he loves me but doesn’t truest me. I do anything for this man and have got off social media (my choice and his benefit). For him to say he doesn’t trust me at all hurts. And I told him if he doesn’t trust me then why be with me.? A relationship as to have trust..... okay anyways)

We ended very bad that night and the texting since then has been cold from him. I’m over it but he said he isn’t and that he is hurt by everything. In my mind I say he put himself as the victim. He says he loves me but needs time for forgiveness.

Red and me have been fighting too often that it makes me feel bad towards our relationship. He says that he missed when we were friends with benefits because I didn’t get emotional. But exactly I didn’t care what he thought because I was just having sex with him not looking for a relationship. So now he says he needs to process the stuff we went though and he believes i don’t consider his feelings.