How do I get my ten month old to take a bottle of formula???


My daughter has been exclusively breastfed until now. Now she is nearing the age where I’d like her to be weaned off of breastmilk (11-12 months) I am wanting to start transitioning her to formula for her day feeds, so that when the time comes to cut out breastmilk altogether it’s not such a huge shock as she will already know the taste of formula.

I’m not sure which she hates, bottle or formula, or if it’s both. She won’t take anything from a bottle unless it’s water, she won’t drink expressed breastmilk and she won’t drink formula. I’ve tried several different teat shapes and a couple different formulas and none seem to work.

Does anybody have any tips on how to get her drinking formula from a bottle? Or am I just going to have to deny her breastmilk to the point that she takes a bottle of formula because she’s so hungry? ):