1 hr test vs 3 hr test


Ok, my question is this. Has anyone here failed the 1 hr test but passed the 3 hr test?

I failed my 1 hr. It was 179 but supposed to be 135 or less. My doctor said that if my number was 200 or above then I would just skip the 3 hr test and start going to the MFM and start the GD diet. But since it wasn’t, she wants me to do the 3hr. My only concern is that I’ve had GD with one of my previous pregnancies before. (1/3 pregnancies) and I just really want this to be a normal easy pregnancy. 😩😫

Even if I do pass the 3 hr test, you better bet your bottom dollar I’ll be super focused on my diet from here on out.

I’m 24+ 4 days today btw. I’ll have my 3 hr test this Wednesday. Wish me luck. And please comment if you are one of the lucky ones who passed the 3 hr test after failing the 1hr. Thank you!


I passed the 3 hr test with none of the blood sugar draws being higher than the cut off limit. (I could’ve technically had one that was over and still passed the test) if you have 2 over then you fail the test.) hooray!!!!!