Career path

Not sure what to do. Looking for advice...I've been offered 2 different job positions. Currently I work in a hotel at the front desk 24-29 hours a week making $8.75 an hour. The positions I've been offered are a care giver position in a nursing home type setting (I've done similar work) guaranteed full time and day shift hours for a little over $11 an hour AND they are going to pay for me to get my CNA! The other position I've been offered is relatively similar to my current position, it's a front desk receptionist position at a beauty school guaranteed 40 hours but only at $9 an hour (I used to go to cosmetology school) so I'm stuck. I feel like I MIGHT be happier at the salon job, but long term career wise the care giver position would probably be head is telling me care giver position to eventually become a CNA and heart is telling me half and half. Can anyone give me advice? I know you guys don't obviously know me in person which makes it hard... But what would YOU do?