How would you discipline this situation?


My 12 year old nephew just got expelled 10 days from school because he texted a girl in high school to buy a vape and then sold it to another kid in his class. When the kid in his class got caught with it he told the teacher who he got it from. Since having my baby ( only 9 months old now) I’ve been reading about discipline techniques and communicating with your kids (when they’re much older than mine of course). I really like the punishment should fit the crime rule, in example if a kid won’t brush his teeth you say ok no sweets or sugary drinks because those things cause cavities, or if a kid gets a speeding ticket instead of taking the car away you say ok mom or dad has to ride with you until you demonstrate safer driving for awhile. So with the situation with my nephew I was thinking how in the world would you punish that to make a valuable lesson out of it? Thoughts? This day in age we’re in a whole new world of things my 9 month old is going to be subjected to as he grows up. Wishing all you other parents the best!